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The Resolution Redo

The Resolution Redo:  

Has Carnival already gotten you off-course with your NY Resolution?  

Here are five easy steps to get back on track!

By Ingrid Rinck


Like many other Americans, those of us in the Big Easy all made our January resolutions and many people broke them the second the King Cake rolled out.  It’s hard to change your life for the better anywhere, but when your New Year’s resolution is about health or fitness and our city is known for its gluttonous Carnival feast, well most of us say we’ll just try again when it comes to Lent.


Fortunately for you, Resolutions, like many other things in life, will always allow you to schedule a re-do. Unfortunately for you, it’s always better to schedule that second chance as quickly as possible.


For those of you who don’t know me, I’ve been a master fitness trainer for over 20 years, and I also started one of the biggest meal programs within the United States, so you should know that I’m really big on challenges, and I’d like to issue one to all of you as well reading Inside New Orleans.  Let’s redo our resolutions, and re-start today, with a 30-day challenge that I’m issuing to you.  Here are just a few of the things on my list:


  1.  Get up an Hour Early Each Morning — Rise and Shine! Some of the most successful people on earth are early risers, and that’s mostly to do with the way that getting up an hour early can dramatically change the rest of your day.   Whether you use this time to journal, meditate, organize, or stretch– you’ll find that the rest of your day will be more positive and is sure to yield better results. It goes without saying that this hour should be by, and for, yourself.


  1. Try Taking a Cold Shower —  It seems like a frigid shower would be a rude awakening, especially in the coldest time of our New Orleans year, but taking a cold shower will wake you up, make you feel more alert, and really get that blood flowing.  Your hair and skin will look better, too! This is one of the easiest, fastest, and cheapest things you can do to instantly make a huge difference in the way that you feel about attacking challenges. 


  1. Compliment Others —  It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that a nice word can make a huge difference in someone else’s hustle & grind, but you might be shocked at how those feelings can affect your life!  According to the Huffington Post, those who compliment others make interactions more enjoyable, bring out reciprocating warmth from others, and create favorable impressions. But, be warned– the compliments must be genuine to have any effect. Try to find five nice things to say about five people today and watch how the joy and love spreads all around you, and our local neighborhoods.


  1. Vision Board — I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You MUST have a vision board.  If you have one, it’s time to update it, and if you don’t have one, you need to get one.  A vision board is the clearest roadmap to fulfilling your dreams, so doesn’t a tool like that sound valuable?  It’s virtually free to make one, so grab those magazines and some poster board and take this really good investment in yourself.


  1. No Negativity  —   Vision boards are for focusing on the things you want, so let’s get rid of what you don’t. Do you catch yourself watching a lot of television shows with cat fighting, gossiping, and backstabbing?  Are your children in the background while you’re viewing? This is the kind of negativity you may not realize is surrounding your life, but is permeating through all aspects of it. Cut that out for 30 days and try to only watch programming that’s educational or for the whole family.  When you cut out negative shows, movies, and music from the background of your life — that can also get the negativity to leave, too.


I really hope that you all join this 30 Day Challenge with me, starting with these five simple things.  Please follow me @IngridRinck and let me know that you’re taking the challenge so I can keep up with your progress!  You’ll also find more ideas for ways to better your life on my website at https://eatsensiblemeals.com.


Ready for your Redo?