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Can I snack? What do I eat on the weekend? Can I workout?

Watch the info video above for more info about our Sensible Meals!

Shipping FAQs

How does billing work?
All credit cards are processed Saturday. Some banks don’t post the charges until the following week.
How do I renew my order?

Once you have placed your initial order, you are subscribed – do not reorder each week. After initial 4 week commitment, you are AUTOMATICALLY enrolled as a weekly client. Meals canceled before 4 week commitment will be fined $50 cancellation fee. Don’t forget, if you ordered the Breakfast, Family Portion, Elite Section you will need to order these again as they are one-time orders!

How do I store/heat my meals?
You must FREEZE all meals immediately after delivery. Meals arrive fresh and chilled not frozen. Ice pack will melt in transit. Meals contain minimal preservatives so you must freeze them immediately to maintain quality. Take meals straight from freezer to microwave – do not thaw – loosen the lid. Heating time vary by microwave – on average heat entrees 2 minutes and breakfast under 60 seconds. (double that for double protein meals) PRO TIP: for a more gourmet experience heat the meals 1/2 time in microwave and finish heating in a lightly oiled skillet on stove!
Very important Meal Information
Menu is posted on social media and website every Wednesday evening. Food is guaranteed by FedEx to arrive by Friday night. If you receive food after this time please discard it and contact us on social media immediately 9am – 9pm CST for live assistance.
How do I get started?

Initially watch the info video above to learn how our program works. Click order meals button at the top of the page, select your meal type and pick up or shipping option. Our website will then walk you through placing your order.

How soon can I start?

Your start date depends on the date that you order, it will be listed under the meal plan you select once you choose pick-up or shipping.

Can I have multiple orders under one account?

YES! You can place more than one order under the same account. Each order must be placed, skipped and cancelled individually. You do not receive a discount for multiple orders as our prices are as low are already as low as we can offer.

What meal plans do you offer?

We have Signature and Paleo meal plans with both having a double protein option. Our Signature and Paleo meal plans are for female weight loss at about 1000 calories per day.  While the Double protein options are at 1200-1500 calories for male weight loss and maintenance.

We also offer a bulk family options which is 5 proteins 5 carbs and 5 vegetables with about 4 servings of each. This is a great option for your family while you are on one of our weekly programs or just for convenience. This option is not a subscription and just a one-time order.

We have a breakfast only option which is just that breakfast only. This is not a subscription and just a one-time order of a variety of 15 breakfast meals.

Lastly, we have our Elite Selections. These meals are more of maintenance and convenience. You pick 15 of our options with each meal priced individually. Prices range from $7-$15 per meal and include high end meats and seafood options as well as vegetarian.

How do I know which meal plan is best for me?

Great question, with so many options selecting the right meal plan for your dietary goals or restrictions can be tough. Just give us a call or send us a message so one of our specialists can walk you through the options and find the perfect meal plan to suit your tastes and dietary needs.

985-237-1011 9am -3pm Monday – Friday


What if I have food allergies?

We do not cater to food allergies, however, we have thousands of clients that choose to do our program and eat around the foods they are allergic to, if and when they present themselves. Let us know specifically what you are allergic to and we can advise you on how often, if at all, to expect that item.

  • Nuts
    • we don’t add nuts to our standard meals, but we are not a nut free facility.
    • Peanut butter is used on occasion, but is in a vacuum sealed container and does not touch other
    • Paleo meals do include nuts occasionally in a small sealed container
  • Seafood
    • we do not use any seafood,
  • Beans
    • Beans are used quite often in our standard meals, as they are low in calories and high in
    • You can choose our Paleo option which eliminates beans!
  • Dairy
    • we do use cheese quite often since it is a low calorie and high protein food.
    • You can choose our Paleo option which eliminates all dairy products!
  • Gluten:
    • You would choose our Paleo option, which eliminates all gluten!
    • We are NOT a gluten free
  • Latex:
    • Our prep crew does wear latex gloves to prepare the food. However, to date no clients have had any issue with
Do you have gluten free meals?

YES! Our paleo option is gluten free however we are not a gluten free facility.

Do you have sugar free meals?

YES! All of our meal plans are low in sugar with usually only one sweet meal per week in our signature plan but our paleo option is completely sugar free.

Do you have keto meals?

YES! While all of our options are low carb our paleo option is a clean version of the keto diet

How do I find the menus?

Our menu is posted on social media and website every Wednesday evening.


Our Menu

How do I heat my meals?

Prior to heating be sure to remove any separate containers within your meal. Our containers are microwave safe, please follow the instructions on the label placed on your meal. Remember microwave vary and it is best to heat your meal in 30 second increments when first starting or using a new microwave.

How do I store my meals?

All meals are made fresh by our team of chefs and immediately flash frozen prior to you receiving the meals. We recommend all meals go straight into the freezer upon receiving them. We do not use any preservatives (chemicals added to meals to give them a longer shelf life), so it is important to keep the meals frozen until heating. The meals are good up to six months in the freezer. Remember if you are on our program to lose weight, you must eat the meals!

Do you recommend certain meals for certain times of the day?

The meals can be eaten in any order as long as you are eating three meals per day.

If you are using our meals for weight loss, technically you can eat the meals whenever you want as long as you stay under your allotted calories for the day. So, when you “skip” mealtimes or chose to eat later in the day your body does have “food” to eat with your excess fat. Remember the excess fat on your body is food you already ate. It is not healthy to remain at a calorie deficit for the remainder of your life, this is a short-term solution to lose the unhealthy weight you are carrying around.

If you are using our meals for convenience, after you are already at a healthy BMI, it is recommended that you do not skip meals and space them evenly throughout the day. It is important to do this to prevent hunger and stop your body from eating your muscle mass.

When should I expect to receive my shipment?

You will get an email with tracking information on Wednesday however our shipping days are Wednesday and Thursday. Our meals are flash frozen prior to leaving our facility and safely packed for our two-day shipping. You will receive your shipment by 8pm Saturday. If you have not received your meals by this time, please reach out to us.

985-237-1011 9am -3pm Monday – Friday


I see you are located in south Louisiana, do you have options for local pick up?

Yes, we do offer some locations close to our home facility. Our pick up locations are listed under the pick up option when you are ordering your meals.


What do I do if I have an incomplete or damaged order?

If you have an issue with your order, please contact us within 24 hours so we can help you to the best of our ability. We would appreciate if when you sent in your complaint you include photos so we can address your issue with the proper department and assure it does not happen again. For quickest assistance we recommend you contact us on social media or our website chat.


985-237-1011 9am -3pm Monday – Friday Voicemails are checked 9am Monday morning from over the weekend

What are payment options?

We accept all major credit or debit cards. Visa Mastercard Discover American Express

How does the subscription work?

This is a subscription service with a 4-week commitment. We bill on Friday and depending on your bank, your charge could post as late as Monday.

You MUST pick up your order even if you do not see a charge. You are responsible for your order and refunds will not be issued for a missed pick up.

Is there any cooking involved with Sensible Meals?

No way!

You never have to cook with Sensible Meals. Our meals are pre portioned and delivered ready to eat! This isn’t just another box of ingredients, we’re the complete package! We took care of your grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning!

Can I snack?

We recommend no snacking during the weight loss phase, but if you must snack, think as low calorie as possible, not necessarily as healthy as possible. Almonds are healthy, but very high calorie. Pickle is not super nutritious, but low in calories

Some ideas are:

1/2 cup blueberries

Hard boiled egg


Sugar free jello

Romaine lettuce leaf with tuna and tomato

Hummus and bell peppers

Egg whites and veggies

Sara Lee 45 cal bread teaspoon peanut butter

Cutie orange

What do I do on weekends?

Our program is designed to be strictly caloric and easy on the weekends. Simply follow your caloric range the first two weekends and after you will find that your body adjusts. I like to keep it simple with a light breakfast and lunch. Then I eat whatever I want for dinner, just half. Remember it’s about moderation, not deprivation. This should open a world of possibilities and you don’t have to worry about getting the “right” type of food.

Can I do these meals while pregnant or breastfeeding?

First off congratulations on your pregnancy!!

You should always consult your physician but eating double protein meals is what we recommend. If you have excess fat it should be plenty however if you are lean or underweight you would need more so you would add 300-500 calories a day in snacks. And remember this is healthy real food no preservatives, no salt, so already way better than what most people eat and most of us ate when pregnant


While breastfeeding, our meals are not spicy – no salt – full of healthy proteins, fats & carbs. We recommend you add 500 calories a day (give or take a little) based on your baby’s eating habits. If your child is breast and formula fed, you do NOT need the extra calories. If your child is exclusively breastfeeding, you WILL need the extra calories.

How does pick up work?

Show up at given time, tell us your full name and meal type then receive your meals. Enjoy!

Pick up window is STRICT time frame! Anyone can pick up for you, they provide YOUR name and meal type at pick up.

How does billing work?

All CCs are processed Friday. Some banks don’t post the charge till the following week. ALWAYS pick up your meals even if you don’t see a charge. We do not take clients off list for non-payment. We will contact you if any problems. It is the client’s responsibility to pick up/make arrangements pick up. All meals not picked up will end up at our Mandeville facility. If you miss pick up or did not receive your shipment contact us before 9pm CST Sunday via social media for assistance retrieving your meals. We do not offer refunds for missed pick up.

Do you have dairy free meals?

YES! Our paleo option is completely dairy free.

Do you have vegetarian meals?

No, we do not have a vegetarian meal program we do have vegetarian options in our Elite Selections.

I am a selective or picky eater; can you adjust meals?

You don’t pick your food. We do! It’s why our program works! We believe when losing weight and changing your life, food selection should not be a deciding factor. Our program gives you food that you would typically eat, just in portion sized your body can easily digest.

Watch this video about picky eaters: https://youtu.be/Pz14XWpcZIA

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