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Our Food Safety Process

 Sensible Meals is proud to be leading the way for the safest and most proactive meal preparation companies in the nation. Our privately owned large prep facility is fully licensed, insured and our employees are ServeSafe certified. We are eager to walk you through a few things that we do in our commitment to excellence that make us different from other meal prep businesses. 

Here are Just 5 of the Top Ways that Sensible Meals keeps our program Safe From Viruses and Infection:

  •  Our food goes straight from our kitchen to your hands —— Many food prep companies you may have to stand in lines waiting with other consumers or even choosing your food from coolers/freezers/shelves. Sensible Meals go straight from our kitchen to your hands, either through our drive-thru meal pickup or our strictly Fed-Ex delivery service. How many times have you been at a grocery store or grab and go shop where you picked out a meal and touched a few of them to decide which was your favorite..checking the nutrition label/price before putting it back? Imagine how many people put their hands on a product before it ends up in your basket, how many have just wiped their noses, how many children may touch the meals before you. Our meals are made especially for you and no other consumers come in contact with your sensible meals. 
  • We know where your food is at all times — After our chefs prepare our food and our employees package it, it’s either handed off directly to you at one of our secure pickup locations or shipped directly to your door. We use FedEx for delivery and we know where your meal is every single step of the way. FedEx is adhering to all regulations and guidelines from government authorities related to the containment of COVID-19. 
  • Our meals are packaged for quality assurance and to prevent contamination — Our food is packaged in nationally approved containers, put into another bag to be handed off to you. If it’s shipped, it’s put into a styrofoam freezer box that’s taped shut, and then put into a cardboard box that is sealed as well. We use so many layers to not only keep the food at the desired temperature for food safety, but also to restrict the number of people, air, and germs that it could potentially come into contact with.

Additionally, our packaging is designed to either be reused by you or thrown away/recycled. Other meal prep companies ask you to leave a bag on your doorstep, and hundreds of bags are picked up, shuffled around, and sent out to the next home — so you never know who’s car/home / or workplace each bag has been in or what it’s come into contact with.

  • Our kitchen has been A+ certified the entire six years we’ve been in business — In the past six years, we’ve passed every single health certification inspection (both surprise and planned) that we’ve had with flying colors. We are A+ certified and our employees have ServeSafe certification. We thoroughly disinfect the prep tables and floors between each meal as well as sanitize at the beginning and end of each workday per parish and state food preparation regulations. Our lead employees have been the same for six years which makes it easier to continue with the same great standards that we’ve always had. 

We limit access to our kitchen/prep facility by only using one door to access the facility which is video monitored. With the onset of a national virus, we have added a precaution of taking everyone’s temperature as they enter the building to work and clock in each day. Yes, we are that serious about the product we create for you. 

  • We have a large workforce to enforce safety We understand that smaller Mom and Pop businesses may not always have the luxury of taking off time when they get sick, especially if there are just a few people trying to do the jobs of many. Fortunately, we have hundreds of employees, including a half dozen chefs, as well as a ton of managers and support staff– so if someone’s sick they are to not report to work — we’ll run just fine without them. 
  • We Have a Myriad of Awards — We’ve won many awards, including Top Meal Prep, Best Prepared Meals, Best Weight Loss Program, Face of Louisiana and Face of New Orleans for Weight Loss, Women in Business, Top Female Achiever, and Woman of the Year 3 times. Wonder why we’re telling you this? Because these are all accolades that go with a company that cares about their product being served and that has the utmost care and concern for their customers.

 We take all precautions by wearing gloves, mask, and practicing safe food handling at all times and we are super excited to continue to offer you the utmost in standards in taste, preparation, cleanliness, and wellness.

To Good Health,
The Sensible Meals Team