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Okay, so if you’re trying to eat healthy in Baton Rouge, there’s no denying you have a real challenge on your hands. There are a lot of temptations around; there’s Louisiana cooking, cajun seasoning, and let’s not even get started on the fact that it’s home to Tiger Stadium, affectionately (yes, affectionately) known as Death Valley, and those infamous LSU games.  “Tailgating” and “football” (can you say ‘stadium food?’) are gospel here, and they are terms that don’t usually go hand in hand with “trim.”

If you’re from Gonzales, then you probably already know it’s hard to stick to a healthy meal plan. First of all, how do you stay on track with healthy eating when you live in a region known for its annual Jambalaya Festival, where it’s pretty much non-stop eating for days! You’re also not too far from Baton Rouge and Tiger Stadium, so you can be sure that there will be LSU games to watch, and of course, football fan food to eat! When everything around you seems to be one big party, it’s hard to turn down grabbing a cocktail with friends at Tiger Tavern or dancing the night away as you munch on bar food at Park Place.

We love Gonzales

There’s a better, healthier, and more convenient option in Gonzales, LA.

You can also work up an appetite browsing through the massive Tanger Outlets or enjoying the outdoors at Jambalaya Park, then it’s very tempting to indulge at one of the many cajun or seafood restaurants that this area has to offer, like the very popular Mike Anderson’s Seafood. You always have all of those delicious Louisiana foods and cajun spices to tempt you at every turn. After you work all week, you want to let loose on the weekend, and Gonzales gives you plenty of opportunities to do just that, whether it’s enjoying the local sights or sipping on a glass of wine or two at Dubois Winery. The point is, life is busy and that can get stressful, making cooking a healthy meal the last thing that you feel like doing.

You don’t have to struggle with finding healthy food options anymore; Sensible Meals, the largest meal delivery service in the US, prepares and packages all of your meals for you, and you simply pick them up for free, or for just $15 you can even have them shipped right to your door!

Based in southern Louisiana, the meals are designed by people who know how hard it is to eat healthy in the south. Practically all of the food here is fried, seasoned and presented in huge portions. You can choose from several different meal plans including signature meals, double protein, single paleo, or double paleo, depending on your unique needs and goals.

If you have special dietary needs, for example, you follow a gluten-free diet, we have you covered with our paleo plans. They are gluten-free, and also dairy and sugar-free as well, making them a great choice is you have certain food sensitivities.

You Can Keep the Food that You Love to Eat

Eating healthy is not about never eating the foods that you love, it’s about eating a more balanced diet. Strive to eat really clean, healthy foods about 80% of the time, and the foods that we’ve grown to love in Louisiana like chicken and waffles, gumbo, and Andouille sausage, about 20% of the time. Our menu includes these Louisiana favorites because we know in order to stick to a plan, you have to enjoy it!

The Portion is the key

Eat what you love, but do it in moderation! This is what Sensible Meals founder Ingrid Rinck realized was critical to optimal health and reaching weight loss goals. Ingrid has been a fitness trainer for over 20 years, and she’s led a healthy lifestyle for most of her life, but the massive difference that portion control makes still blows her mind. She really started to see just how important it was when she began making meals for her son after he was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes. America’s portions were out of control, and people would just eat even if they were full. Sometimes you may be so rushed, eating so fast, that you don’t even realize you’re full until everything on your plate is gone and you feel miserable. That is not how you should feel after a meal! Ingrid decided what if people had potion-controlled, prepared meals right from the start, making it super simple to eat exactly what your body needs and no more. Bust Through Excuses Excuses are just obstacles that you create for yourself. The good news is, since you created them, you can also tear them down. Sensible Meals helps bust through those excuses by solving the problems that so many people face when it comes to eating healthy; there’s no time, no energy, confusing food options, and boo to counting calories. Sensible Meals prepares the food for you, and every meal is well-balanced and portion-controlled, so you don’t need to shop, cook, count calories, or worry about what you’re going to eat. You just pick up your meals locally in Gonzales (or nearby Baton Rouge), or for $15 you can have your meals come straight to you! All of this makes using Sensible Meals as easy as shopping the sales at Tanger Outlet Mall.

No Excuses

It’s time to kick the excuses to the curb! You probably haven’t used an excuse that hasn’t already been used by everyone who has ever wanted to lose weight but for some reason didn’t try. Excuse like there’s no time, you’re too tired, you don’t know what to do, and it’s too expensive are very popular, but they are also roadblocks to your success! Sensible Meals has found a method that shatters all of those excuses. You don’t have to spend time cooking or shopping, the prices are reasonable, especially considering you don’t have to do any grocery shopping for the month, and everything is done for you! All that you have to do is pick up your prepared meals for free (also available in nearby Gonzales), or make it even easier with $15 shipping right to your door! This makes it a no-brainer to give Sensible Meals a try; it’s as easy as choosing who you want to win in the LSU and Bama game (Not today, Saban).

No Excuses

No more waiting, Gonzales!

The time to get healthy is right now! Don’t keep putting it off; when you’re ready to get your 15 prepared, healthy meals, whether you opt to pick up in Baton Rouge or have them delivered, click here. Discover more about the program here, or check out this article from City Social Magazine, titled Healthy Acadiana. Sensible Meals has also received many awards including Best Meal Prep Company, Best Weight Loss Program, Best Healthy Meals, and even The Face of Weight Loss in Louisiana. Read these inspiring testimonials from people who have tackled challenges like weight gain, low energy, health issues, and even depression.

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