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GeorgiaMeal Delivery Service | Sensible Meals 

From Athens to Valdosta, finding a healthy meal plan in Georgia that’s easy to follow can be a big challenge. Sensible Meals can make it a whole lot simpler with meal prep delivery in Georgia. Learn more about our convenient program here!


As the largest meal prep service in the United States, Sensible Meals is all about bringing you a healthier way to eat that is easy to follow. We’re based out of southern Louisiana, which is famous for heavily seasoned, deep-fried, irresistible foods, so we understand that when you live somewhere surrounded by temptation, eating well is not easy to do. Our chefs carefully create nutritious, well-balanced meals that are pre-packaged and delivered straight to our clients, and now we’re offering our services to other cities across the country. We’re happy and excited to add Georgia meal delivery to that list!


Meal plans usually fail because they require too much planning and preparation; Sensible Meals works because we take care of all of that for you. Keeping things convenient is why our plan is so successful. You can have nutrient-rich meals delivered straight to your door for only $15 shipping; all you have to do is put them in the microwave.


We provide several plans including signature meals, double protein, single paleo, and double paleo, each uniquely crafted to accommodate special, weight-loss goals, dietary requirements, and training programs. For example, if you’re on a gluten-free diet, or perhaps have certain food intolerances, our paleo plans are a great option for you because they’re sugar-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free.

We love Georgia

There’s a better, healthier, and more convenient option in Georgia.

Georgia is more than its big cities: farmland, beaches, and mountains provide a diversity of terrain and lifestyles across the state. 


The Blue Ridge Mountains offer a stunning landscape and chic getaway with a side of adventure. From hiking trails to waterfalls, campsites to luxury cabins, foliage to see and fresh produce to eat, the experience is unique no matter what season you choose. Small mountain towns offer options for dining, or catch your own dinner in Fannin County, the trout capital of Georgia. The legendary Appalachian Trail begins here, but if hiking isn’t your speed, a scenic driving tour will let you see the sights without wearing yourself out.


Georgia’s coastline is full of history, culture, and wildlife. Barrier islands create gorgeous getaways from inland life. On St. Andrew’s beach, watch for dolphins or visit the Wanderer Memorial, honoring enslaved Africans who came ashore in this region. For golfing and water activities, try St. Simons beach; and for the utmost in luxury, make your way to Sea Island, a Forbes Five Star resort. For the perfect photo opportunity, there’s Jekyll Island’s driftwood beach and Tybee Island’s native birds, turtles, and (as legend has it) formerly pirates.


If the arts pique your interest, you’ll love Savannah’s art galleries, artist’s studios, and antique shops. Stroll through the many city parks and squares to admire the 18th and 19th century architecture in Georgian, Gothic, and Greek revival styles. Kids of all ages (including adult kids-at-heart) will love the Juliette Gordon Low Mansion (home of the founder of GIrl Scouts) and the Georgia State Railway Museum.


The University of Georgia is the main event in the city of Athens, but did you know that the town is full of musical history too? Athens was the starting place of popular groups like REM and the B-52s. Go on a Music History Walking Tour or follow the Civil War Heartland Leader Trails.


Fans of professional golf know all about Augusta, home of the annual Masters golf tournament, but its year-round allure goes beyond sport. Stroll the riverwalk along the Savannah river or get adventurous on Phinizy Swamp Nature Park’s 14 miles of hiking and biking trails.


Of course, at the center of it all is Atlanta: the bustling metropolis that’s home to many major national and international corporations, the massive Georgia Aquarium (whale sharks, anyone?), the World of Coca Cola, the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site, and Olympic Park, commemorating the summer Olympic games of 1996.


Whether you’re heading to a sporting event, beach getaway, or just trying to fight ATL traffic to make it home for dinner, Sensible Meals can help you out. Having prepared meals delivered to your door makes dinner time happier and healthier after a long day, and gets you ready for whatever tomorrow has in store.

Sensible Meals features four different meal plans, each catered to match a different combination of needs and goals. For example, if you eat a gluten-free diet or have issues with dairy, our paleo plans offer a great solution! If you are a woman who has reached your healthy weight and want a good maintenance program, then our double protein plan is an excellent choice.

Sensible Meals features four different meal plans, each catered to match a different combination of needs and goals. For example, if you eat a gluten-free diet or have issues with dairy, our paleo plans offer a great solution! If you are a woman who has reached your healthy weight and want a good maintenance program, then our double protein plan is an excellent choice.

You Can Keep the Food that You Love to Eat

Here’s one of the best parts, just because you’re eating healthy you don’t have to say goodbye to your favorite Louisiana foods!

Some of the most popular dishes like gumbo, jambalaya, and more, have found their way into our menu. The key is that they are portion-controlled and in line with your health goals.

You Can Still Eat What You Love - Just In the Right Portions

Ingrid Rinck, Sensible Meals’ founder, has been a fitness trainer for more than 20 years, so she’s certainly no stranger to a healthy lifestyle. However, when her son was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes, she began preparing all of his meals and had an epiphany; eating well was important, but portion sizes are really what made the biggest difference when it came to weight loss. Eating smaller portions when you live in America is easier said than done; we’re a society that has become accustomed to overindulging when it comes to our food. If you eat out at a restaurant, the odds are good that you’ll be served enough food to feed four people! If it’s on our plate, we eat it, even if it means we feel miserable afterward. If we start with a smaller portion, we can still satisfy our hunger, and not feel bloated and stuffed to the brim.

No Excuses

Southern food is delicious: smothered and buttered and fried to perfection. But enjoying too many of Georgia’s favorite foods can take a toll on your health and your waistline. No matter what part of the state you live in, finding the time to prepare healthy, balanced meals can be a challenge. So how do you find a happy medium between po boys and portions? Sensible Meals lets you power through all the excuses because we handle the food prep and cooking for you. You get pre-packaged, perfectly-portioned meals, designed by professional chefs, and delivered directly to your door. When you think about how easy it is to get meal delivery in Georgia for only $15, the choice to use Sensible Meals will make you feel just peachy.

Quit the Excuses

There’s a Better Way To Eat, Tampa!

Ready to order your 15 prepared meals to your home in Georgia and start eating better today? Just click here to start, or learn more about the program here. For more information, check out this article from New Orleans Magazine, titled Faces of New Orleans - Weightloss. Take some time to be inspired by these amazing testimonials from people who have used Sensible Meals to battle weight gain, depression, and other health problems, and improved their lives. We’ve also been honored with several awards, including Best Weight Loss Program, Best Meal Prep Company, Best Healthy Meals, and even The Face of Weight Loss in Louisiana. Try Sensible Meals today. All you have to lose is weight!

Eat Fit. Eat Right. Eat Sensible Meals.

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