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Being Resolute with Ingrid Rinck


Being Resolute with Ingrid Rinck — 

The Sensible Meals’ Founder’s Best Tips for the New Year

 By Rebecca Fox


To say that Ingrid Rinck is busy would be the understatement of the year. She’s mom to several kids, including one with Type 1 Diabetes, the partner to a comedian and National TV correspondent, an accomplished fitness trainer, dance class instructor, owner of the largest meal preparation company in the United States, and in her spare time she also manages to head up the Leading Ladies League while simultaneously fundraising for a variety of philanthropic organizations — but who’s counting?


I thought she’d be the perfect person to lead us into the New Year, not only because of her diet and exercise knowledge, but also because of the way that she tackles life. Here are her top 5 tips for being resolute within the New Year:


  1.  Set Goals, But Don’t Forget About Them

    — Ingrid says that while most people are familiar with short term versus long term goals, they often don’t set anything in between. In her experience, people will either set a short term goal, like a 10-pound weight loss by February, achieve it, and then move on with their lives, putting it all back on — or they’ll set a long term goal (70 pounds by December) and be sidetracked by June.       


She advises that to make something stick, you should sit down and plan out all of the incrementals, acknowledging that you might plateau at certain months or get better at exercise or clean eating in later months, and then write specific goals for each week and month within your calendar. “Even if you forget and mess up, which we all do,” she says, “as soon as you turn that calendar page, you’ll have a reminder there all over again.”


  1. Vision Boards actually Do Make Dreams Come True

      Vision boards, although sometimes thought as cliché, can also really work, says Rinck— but only if you update them every week or two. She emphasizes that it’s not what’s on the board but the actual process of looking up an item, printing it out, cutting it out, and pasting it on that gets your brain subconsciously moving towards the item, the same way handwritten notes work better for many in remembering things than simply storing them on a computer. “They’re also really good for making us feel accomplished,” continues Ingrid, “because a lot of times, especially as women, we aren’t thanked by our children or our partners. If you go through your vision board often, you are reminded of things you did, and actually achieved. It’s a wonderful feeling and an endorphin rush.”   


  1. It’s Not Necessarily About What You Eat, But About Portion Size

    — Ingrid’s company, Sensible Meals, is the largest meal prep company in the United States, and considering that at least half of her customers are from the metro New Orleans area, it’s clear that she’s made quite a difference in our region.


Although Rinck had been familiar with calorie counting for over 20 years as a personal trainer, she truly realized what we were all doing to ourselves with portion sizes when she started preparing meals for her son who has Type 1 Diabetes. Eventually, she realized that when you measure everything exactly— you can have a lot more variety and flavor in what you consume. Everything is okay in moderation, and that means that we can all have the jambalaya, étouffée, and chicken and waffles that we love so much— as long as we have one serving, and not seven. For more information about Ingrid’s Sensible Meals (weekly plans start at $85 for women and $105 for men with shipping and pickup options), visit https://eatsensiblemeals.com or @sensiblemeals.


  1. Find a Fitness Plan That You Enjoy, and Make a Commitment To It

    — When it comes to fitness, Rinck says that just like her above points, it’s all about putting something into a schedule and sticking to it, but it is most helpful when you combine correct portion sizes with a fitness plan for maximum results. She also states that the key to maintaining a fitness plan is to find something you’re passionate about and make a commitment to it. If you used to be a dancer, find a dance class you love (Rinck teaches dance classes on the Northshore) or join a Mardi Gras dancing Krewe. If you played baseball in high school, maybe join a co-ed softball or kickball team, or find one of New Orleans’ countless other adult sports leagues.


 Ingrid also points out that there are a ton of free YouTube training videos and free apps 

out there now, so there isn’t an excuse that anyone can make about not having 

enough time or money when you can do something for free in your home.


  1. Love What You Do

    — The bottom line to all of this? Love what you do. When I asked Ingrid Rinck what most people would be surprised to learn about her, it’s that she’s “painfully shy.” And although she doesn’t necessarily always flourish in small-talk social settings or one-on-one interactions (I can totally relate), she speaks in front of tens of thousands of people at events she does all over the country, promoting women in business, motherhood and business, and goal-setting and achievement. The key to her success is that she’s found something she adores, and that’s fixing people, loving people, and helping people flourish— and there’s no stopping her from accomplishing that resolution.