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Ingrid Rinck is a self-made entrepreneur. With no formal education, no business partners and no loans, Ingrid created the largest meal prep company in the entire country Sensible Meals with the last $50 she had in her bank account. Ingrid is now at the helm of a nine figure business based right here in the greater new Orleans area and has been a major boom for the local economy employing over 1200 people. But she had to hit rock bottom 100 lbs over weight, months behind on Rent, on Medicaid and food stamps, pregnant, failing relationship, fighting custody battle, and a child being diagnosed with a lifelong illness for her whole attitude to change and a new way of life to begin. She states, “I had to quit waiting around for the world to save us, and I had to figure out how to save us! “ This rock bottom is where her “attitude of gratitude” passion project began and Ingrid’s life and tens of thousands across the country lives changed.

Ingrid founded Sensible Meals in 2014 following her son’s Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis that rendered him insulin dependent for the rest of his life. She poured herself into learning everything she could about nutrition and controlling health through food. She altered her family’s diet to keep her child safe and in the process lost weight herself. In fact she lost 100 pounds total in only 10 months. Ingrid speaks openly about her battle with anxiety and binge eating disorder and how portion control has changed her life. Through her openness with this she has become a health and lifestyle writer for Inside New Orleans magazine as well as Sophisticated Woman Magazine. 

A 20 year veteran In the fitness community as a Master Trainer, Ingrid was catapulted into the public eye by Sensible Meals success!

They have received numerous awards since its founding. This year alone the company was named:

Northshore’s Best Prepared Meals

Top Meal Prep

Best Meal Prep and Weight Loss Company

Top Weight-loss Company

Top Weight-loss Company

Sensible Meals workforce is 98 percent women. An astounding 75% being single mothers just as Ingrid was when the business began. Now a supermom of three – Rhett (18), Rock (15), and Georgie (6), Rinck understands how important it is to help single moms in the workplace. She gives women leadership roles, allows sick time with children and allows lead employees to work from home during the holidays when children are off of school. Her passion for helping people is as important to her as the success of her business. Ingrid believes that you must be grateful for all things in your life, appreciate the good times and learn from the bad. She is an avid vision board creator and teaches this skill to her clients and employees.

Every day, Ingrid is helping our local economy grow and waistlines shrink. To think all of this began out of a mother’s love to save her child. And in turn she saved herself.

Ingrid is a member of the American Heart – Circle of Red – and a corporate sponsor of the junior diabetes research foundation. She also founded a local non-profit organization called the Leading Ladies League with two chapters, Mandeville and New Orleans, Louisiana. This group is made up of successful, accomplished women who aim to empower one another by giving back to local woman in the community. Ingrid knew it was important as a working mother to see her girlfriends often and not lose out on quality female friendships, so she decided to host themed lunches where the attendees donate toward one woman each month and personally give her a hand up. This organization is made up of over 100 women who are dedicated to seeing women not just survive but to thrive. In a little over a year they have donated $20,000 to women in the area.

Ingrid is also the Founder of Rinck Packaging Inc. this business was started during the nationwide pandemic and she opened her doors to the Sensible Meals facility to other food businesses. Ingrid allowed restaurants, seafood companies, produce farms, and yes even competing meal prep companies to utilize her facility, staff and low pricing on goods and shipping. These businesses that were otherwise shutdown due to the coronavirus are now flourishing with the guidance of RPI. Last but not least in her spare time… Rinck teaches fitness classes at her studio, Built by Ingrid Rinck, where the classes are free of charge to women but donations are encouraged. The money raised at the studio sends children to type 1 diabetes camps each summer.

Last but not least in her spare time….. Rinck continues to teach fitness classes for free in her community. Donations are encouraged and the money raised sends children to type 1 diabetes camps each summer. You can find some of her free workouts on the Sensible Meals Youtube channel.

To think all of this began out of a mother’s love to save her child. And in turn she saved herself.

Because of her many contributions in the local community Ingrid has been named: