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I have watched the below video describing how these meal plans work.

Pick Up Agreement

I understand that if I have chosen the Local Pick-Up option, I am responsible for finding my pick-up location information under the weekly updates tab, reading pick up info flyer, and making sure my meals are picked up at designated time. Food is a perishable good there will be no refunds for missed pick up or not following detailed instructions in intro video and info flyer. If I have any emergency issues with picking up my order I will contact Sensible Portions Meals via social media prior to 9pm on Sunday.

Shipping Agreement

I understand that if I have chosen the Shipping option, my meals will be shipped to the address I provided to be received by Friday at 8pm. I acknowledge I am responsible to bring my meals in prior to Friday at 8pm, read my shipping flyer under the weekly updates tab, and immediately contacting Sensible Portions Meals on social media if any issues arise.

Skipping and Canceling Agreement

I understand I must skip and cancel by the strict Wednesday noon deadline prior to my charge that week. (Meals are charged prior to receiving.)