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Frequently Asked Questions

How does billing work?
All CCs are processed Friday. Some banks don’t post the charge till the following week. ALWAYS pickup your meals even if you don’t see a charge.
We do not take clients off list for non-payment, we will contact you if any problems.
It is the clients responsibility to pick up / make arrangements for pick up. All meals not picked up will end up at our Mandeville facility. If you miss pickup contact us before 9pm Sunday via social media for assistance retrieving your meals. We do not offer refunds for missed pickup.

How does pickup work?
Show up at given time, tell us your full name and meal type, receive your meals, enjoy! Pickup window is STRICT time frame!
Anyone can pick up for you, they provide YOUR name and meal type at pickup.

How do I renew my order?
Once you have placed your initial order you are subscribed – do not reorder each week. After initial 4 week commitment you are AUTOMATICALLY enrolled as a weekly client. Meals canceled before 4 week commitment will be fined $50 cancellation fee.

Can I snack? What do I do on weekends? Can I workout?
Watch the info video on website!

How do I store/heat my meals?
You must FREEZE all meals immediately after pickup. Meals are fresh and chilled and contain minimal preservatives so YOU must freeze them immediately to maintain quality.
Take meals straight from freezer to microwave – do not thaw – loosen the lid.
Heating times vary by microwave – on average heat entrees 2 min and breakfasts under 60 sec.(double that for double protein meals)
PRO TIP: for a more gourmet experience heat the meals 1/2 time in microwave and finish heating in a lightly oiled skillet on stove!

Very Important Meal Information:
If you find a clear or black thin fiber it is just plastic from the containers from the heat molding process – it is not hair 🙂
Menu is posted on Social Media and website every Wednesday evening.

TO SKIP/CANCEL MEALS: complete at by NOON Wednesday (central) the week before pickup.
ORDER / ADDRESS CHANGES: message us on our Facebook or Instagram page by noon Wednesday the week before pickup.
BILLING ISSUES / QUESTIONS: message us on our Facebook or Instagram page for live/quick interaction 9am – 9pm (central)
daily with our staff or contact us via our website contact us form and we will respond in 48 business hours.


  • You must FREEZE ALL MEALS as soon as you receive them. Our meals are made fresh and contain minimal preservatives, so they must be frozen to maintain quality for the week.
  • On the weekends, stick to the calorie count of your chosen meal plan but enjoy what you eat!
  • Containers are microwave and freezer safe.
  • All meals not picked up at the designated pickup locations are brought back to Mandeville. Meals not picked up by Monday in Mandeville will be thrown away. We do not offer alternate pickups.
  • If meals are canceled prior to end of 4 week commitment, you will be fined a $50 cancellation fee.