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About Our Ambassadors

As Sensible Portions grew, our founder Ingrid could no longer be as hands-on with clients as she'd like to. Longtime clients who knew Ingrid and the brand well were asked to come onto the Sensible Portions team as calorie coaches.

Ambassadorss are entrusted to be the voice of Ingrid when she cannot personally speak to a client. Ambassadors are trained to help clients in the following areas:


Introduction to Sensible Portions and initial contact


Plan setup


Motivational checkups

Above all, ambassadors serve as a supportive friend to clients throughout their weight loss journey.

Clients can either sign up directly with ambassadors they know, or we can pair them with an ambassador. Ambassadors are not needed to be successful in our program but are simply there to serve as one more outlet we offer to our clients to help them reach their weight loss goals.

Ambassadors are an invitation-only position. There is no enrollment fee, membership, or products to buy. You simply need to be involved in our program and active in referring others. Ambassadors are the success stories of those who have completed their weight loss achievements and want to help others do the same. If this is you, then it is only a matter of time before you receive an invitation to become an ambassador to help others.

Sensible Portions has over 50 trained ambassadors to aid our clients in their weight loss journey.

Meet some of Our Ambassadors